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Anger and Grace

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Soldier hugging family members

Anger and Grace.

Most people, if they are at all like me are rather disgusted with what very much seems to be one standard of justice applying to government officials/elites and another standard applying to the rest of us common folk. It seems that I am reading news articles just about every day describing more of this sort of thing happening

My first responses to reading these things are rage and of course disgust. I hate the idea of a double standard in the institution that is supposed to be protecting my interests, not to mention, at my expense. I get disgusted when I see the magnitude of the offenses that these elites are regularly getting away with, in comparison to many of the men that I work with in my jail ministry getting the proverbial book thrown at them, perhaps looking at many years of incarceration, for far, far, far less consequential and ill intended offenses.

I do believe that righteous anger is in order here (which can easily become unrighteous anger), however I also think we as Christians should be prompted to pray. Yes, prompted to pray for the ceasing of injustice, etc., but also for the eternal well-being of these offenders. One day they, if unrepentant, they will indeed be judged by God’s perfect and fair standards; it is not going to be pretty. They will indeed be confessing that Jesus is Lord, however not with the spirit of overwhelming joy and victory that I will be, but in a in a spirit of overwhelming terror and dread, as they realize what justly awaits them for all eternity.

As difficult as it may be for us, let us make it a point to seek the Lord for the strength and desire to pray for these lost people, who are selling themselves out for the phony, empty, and ultimately condemning “rewards” and “promises” of Satan (perhaps even directly and knowingly to Satan himself). God has saved some other pretty nasty people in the past; let us also not forget that we are all sinners who deserve condemnation, without the righteousness of Christ, which He puts upon us when we believe on Him/believe the Gospel. I am thankful that by the grace of God, I will not have to face the White Throne (nonbeliever’s) Judgement of Revelation 20, but rather the Believers Judgement of 1 Corinthians 3. When I am walking in the flesh (something that is so easy to do), I want to see these “elites” burn in Hell. We however must not walk in the flesh and fulfill its lusts (Galatians 5:16), which ultimately are very bad for us (James 1:15). When we are walking in the Spirit, we are bearing fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22), which begins with love; as in the love that comes from the Holy Spirit (God), with whom we as believers are sealed with (Ephesians 1:13). If we are truly loving as God loves, by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we will not want this condemnation to eternal damnation to happen to anyone (2 Peter 3:9), including these "elites."

Let us diligently ask God to give us discernment; to let us become properly angry without sinning, to give us the ability to love all people (NOT THEIR SIN!) as Jesus does, along with the desire to pray for them and minister to them as given the opportunity.

Please have an unhurried look around the rest of the website. Please share this website freely. Please also take the time to read and share “Angles of Salvation,” a short e-book that can be accessed from many places on this website. Time is drawing near. Let us look forward to meeting our maker in the air, and in the meantime, let us spread the Word to as many as we can, so they can join us there in His presence.

God bless.

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