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What if I'm Left Behind?

Lots of People Have Disappeared and Things are Bad

If you are reading this in a time after a lot of people have suddenly and “mysteriously” disappeared, the Rapture has occurred. I also allude to it in the section of Angles and Aspects of Salvation entitled “…That Cannot Die." Those of us who have disappeared are those who have put our trust in Christ; the body of Christ; the true Church (Colossians 1:24). We have not been taken by aliens or removed by some mystic new age force, because we were a menace to the next step of human evolution, or any other sort of nonsensical garbage “explanation” that the mainstream media, world government (whatever it may be called), or world religion (whatever it
may be called) is feeding you.
There may very well indeed be “aliens” around, but if so, they are not benevolent or “friendly” extraterrestrials from other worlds, they are evil, malevolent minions of Satan (fallen angels and/or demons), who are not limited to your present dimensionality, who are perhaps temporarily masquerading as “peaceful” extraterrestrials, who will readily tell you any lie that suits their agenda, without hesitation. What has happened to those of us who have disappeared, is that the [true] God of the Bible has taken us from the earth, and we have met Jesus in the air, and we are currently dwelling with Him (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52). Needless to say, we are doing extremely well (unlike you, if you are unfortunate enough to be reading this after the Rapture and before the Glorious Appearing of Jesus). You still cannot earn salvation, but it is still available to you by grace, just as I have already explained in Angles and Aspects of Salvation and many other places on this site,  at length. You are however in for a very rough road, regardless of whether you are a believer or not. You are probably already very well aware of this.


There are 144,000 missionaries (Revelation 7:1-8, 14:1-5) who are probably hated and likely vilified by the world government and the world religion. Listen to them, and do NOT listen to the world government, or to the world religion, or to the “visitors from other worlds” that may possibly be present (again, these “visitors” are extra-dimensional minions of Satan; enemies of God and the Gospel, and they desire your eternal damnation and will stop at nothing to secure it).

By now there are (if not yet, there will be), or already have been two witnesses in Jerusalem, with supernatural powers (Revelation 11:1-12), who are disturbing (or have disturbed) the world government and the world religion. These may be 2 individuals or possibly 2 groups of people. I tend to lean toward thinking that they are most likely 2 individuals, as I write this. Listen to them as well. These two witness may be still alive and around. If so, they will be killed, probably by the world leader (Revelation 11:7). Their deaths will be celebrated and they will be denied burial (Revelation 11:9-10), however they will resurrect three-and-a-half days later, and then they will publicly ascend, as God calls them up (Revelation 11:11-12). Perhaps you have already seen this happen.


Whatever you do, DO NOT take the mark of the world leader, which likely is an implanted chip of some sort, perhaps along with something else, that is supposed to go in your forehead or in your right hand. At the point in time when the policy requiring this mark is issued, the mark will be required in order to “legally” buy or sell anything. My best estimate would be that this policy will likely be implemented shortly after the resurrection of the two witnesses (Revelation 13:16-18). This mark will somehow bear the name and/or number (666, expressed in some way, shape, or form [Revelation 13:18]) of the world leader, and thus having it would identify you with the world leader, who at least would appear to have risen from the dead, shortly after he would have at least appeared to have been assassinated (Revelation 13:3). He is the most wicked human being who has ever lived, who would at that point be directly empowered, or perhaps even indwelled by Satan himself (Revelation 13:4). This mark would therefore align you with Satan himself. Taking this mark is an irrevocable ticket to eternal damnation (Revelation 14:9-12). During this time period you will likely die for your faith if you do not take this mark. However, all who do take this mark will then only have three-and-a-half years (at the most, quite likely less) to live in the hell on earth that they would be experiencing, and then enter the ultimate destruction; the second death in the Lake of Fire, which is unimaginably worse yet. This mark is most certainly not worth taking!! If you are someone who has trusted in Christ and not taken the mark of the world leader, you will be forever at peace, in the presence of God after your physical death occurs (Revelation 6:9-11, 7:9-17). There is a relatively small chance that you will survive until Jesus returns to Earth, at His glorious appearing (Revelation 19 & 20). This will occur seven years after the world leader; the Anti-Christ/Beast/Man of Sin or Lawlessness/Son of Perdition, etc., as he is referred to in Scripture, signs the peace treaty with Israel, which I am guessing would have occurred very shortly after the Rapture. If that signing has not happened yet, watch for it. He will break (or already has broken) that treaty, three-and-a half years into it, probably around the same time as the assassination and ascension of the 2 witnesses (Revelation 11:7-12).


When Jesus returns at His glorious appearing, He will be setting up His beautiful millennial Kingdom on earth, which you will be part of, if you put your trust in Him and avoid taking that mark. I do not believe that one would even be able to receive that mark, once they had trusted in Jesus and believed the Gospel, and been sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13). Satan, the world leader, and the evil “extra-terrestrials,” etc., will all be removed. A saved person’s suffering will be temporary, followed by an incomprehensibly wonderful and eternal reward. To say that it will be worth it would be the understatement of all time. What is coming after the millennial kingdom is even better yet (Revelation 21 & 22)! I would strongly suggest reading (in the Bible) Revelation, Daniel, Matthew 24, Zechariah, Isiah chapters 60-66, and Joel. More Scriptures speak of this time period, but these are a great start for studying it.


If you are reading this before the Rapture and still have not put your trust in Jesus yet, do it NOW. The Rapture could take place at any moment and you do not want to be left behind to endure this seven year Tribulation/Time of Jacob’s trouble, which I have very  briefly described above. It will be the worst time on earth that has ever been or ever will be.  God bless.

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