Something to add to and keep on your prayer list.

If you looked at my profile (I kept it brief, you're welcome :-) ), you may have noticed that I am a volunteer at my local county jail. I volunteer through an organization known as "forgotten man ministries." The head chaplain and his assistants are all employed by this agency as well. Only the head chaplain and one of his assistants have been allowed in the jail since March of 2020 to have direct contact with the inmates (we don't get video contact either). Many jails here in Michigan are not even allowing the head chaplains inside. We need to get back in that jail. There are many people in there without hope that need to learn of the real hope of the Gospel. So many of them are hungry and so ready to receive it; they get it. They get it better than most people do. Please be praying first, that the jails (the state government actually) starts allowing volunteers back in the jails, secondly that those volunteers effectively preach the real Gospel, and thirdly that the Holy Spirit prompts those inmates (and officers...anyone!) to respond to the Gospel and put their trust in Jesus. Thanks very much and God bless.

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